Woodham Victoria Football Club

Prince Albert Cup Final Team Photo 9_edited.jpg

Woodham Victoria Football Club was founded in 2015 and competed in the Surrey and Hants Border League in our inaugural year. At the beginning of the 2020/21 season we sought a new challenge and entered the Leatherhead and District League being placed in Division Six where we finished 5th, winning five and losing five with an early curtailment of fixtures only allowing us to play each opposing team once. We are all very much looking forward to the 2021/22 season and hope that it will be a successful year on the pitch with no long hiatuses!

West Byfleet Social Club has been our home for the past four seasons, usually occupying the area next to the jukebox for between 2 and 8 hours on a Sunday.  We hope that everyone at the social club are still happy for us to prop up the bar most weekends (and very frequently other days of the week whenever there is football on TV!).   The fact that we had a member of our squad working behind the bar at the club shows how intertwined the Social Club and football club are!

The league season runs from September to May and Woodham’s home matches are played at West Byfleet Park. The squad is primarily made up of local lads, the majority of which have been playing football together for over a decade - beginning in youth football for New Haw Boys with many of the lads previously playing for Olinda Sportsbeat, also within the Leatherhead District League structure. The club won their first piece of silverware in the 2017/18 season lifting the Prince Albert Cup at Abbey Rangers Football Club, with further success coming in a six-a-side tournament in Spain. All of the Silverware the club has won is proudly displayed above the bar at the social club.

All of us at Woodham Victoria F.C. would like to thank everyone at West Byfleet Social Club for all of their support and over the years, it makes us all very proud to have our home shirt that the Social Club gifted us on display. We all are very much looking forward to continuing our strong relationship for years to come!